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Roger Murtaugh just wants to get through his last days until his retirement, but after he meets Martin Riggs, he's just trying to stay alive. This veteran cops gets to work out his final days in the homicide department partnered up with the one man rage machine hell bent on his own demise. But when the two stumble upon a massive drug smuggling ring, they're going to have to learn to work together if they want to survive.

Richard Donner, Danny Glover, Mel Gibson and Shane Black. These guys completely revolutionized the action movie genre and forever changed it into the incredibly spectacle we enjoy today. 26 year-old recent UCLA grad, Shane Black, wrote this spec script that got passed around Hollywood studios before being snatched up by Joel Silver and catapulted Black into the upper echelon of screenwriters. Shane Black is the gold-standard in feature film screenwriting and this is the movie that started it all.
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