National Geographic Live: Zeb Hogan - Aquatic Ecologist

Zeb Hogan

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National Geographic Live: Zeb Hogan - Aquatic Ecologist at

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Every fisherman wants the biggest catch, and Zeb Hogan is no different. However, he's not just fishing for a trophy, but for a solution. From Mongolia to the Pacific Northwest, Thailand to Australia, Hogan travels the world looking for, researching, and protecting the world’s largest freshwater fish. His ultimate goal is to bring awareness to the increasingly fragile freshwater ecosystems and their endangered inhabitants.

Hear his tales of working with fisherman and researchers, spending hours on rivers — sometimes in boats, sometimes submerged in deep water, side-by-side with enigmatic and scary aquatic giants. Hogan will entertain you with stories about his searches for everything from mythical enormous catfish to stingrays the size of cars, and why his journey won't stop until he discovers the biggest catch of all, the true "monster fish."
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