Holiday Cocktails Mixology Class

Holiday cocktail class is offered at the Four Seasons Hotel and Resort.

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Holiday Cocktails Mixology Class at

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You've got that frenemy, right, who always throws her holiday shindig one weekend after yours? She sees where you're going and comes back with homespun candy that's sweeter, cookies that are ... festive-r. Here's how you can finally show-ho-ho-ho her up -- or, you know, just enjoy this mixology class for your own gratification. Whether you're in need of unforgettable party recipes or simply want to sample seasonal flavors, it's a good way to warm up for wintertime.

Make festive punches, egg noggs and holiday classics after attending this class with Bar 19 head bartender, Davis Rhea. Sampling is included. Must be 21 years old to attend.

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