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Tipping Point

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The Cream
"Gilbert, a quirky young man, is out for a Sunday jog in the forest. When a muscular, athletic man passes him at tremendous speeds, Gilbert is left confused, curious and ultimately aroused by his secret."
Dir. Jean-Marie Villeneuve | 2014 | France | 8 min

Heavens to Betsy
A queer reimagined fairy tale.
Dir. Jac Nunns & Angie West | 2015 | United Kingdom | 9 min

Seven Drinks
"Seven Drinks" is a romantic drama about two young men, Mitch and Bobby, who meet for coffee one afternoon and quickly fall for each other. The film follows the course of their relationship through seven scenes in a story spanning years, exploring how they come into their own identities and struggle with challenges to their relationship and future happiness.
Dir. Madison Thomas
Kevin P. Gabel | 2014 | Canada | 14 min

Tipping Point
Dir. Stephanie Young | 2016 | Canada | 7 min

Female Masculinity Appreciation Society
Dir. Jackie Nunns & Angie West |2014 | United Kingdom | 12 min

Crazy Horse
A quickfire tale of flirtation and frustration in the not-so-wild west.
Dir. Joel Blackledge | 2016 | United Kingdom | 3 min

Life’s a Drag
Life’s A Drag is a social experiment where Wayo Benavides and childhood friend Alfonso Moreno (Viki Virgo) choose to dive head first into the world of "Drag Queens."
Within two weeks Alfonso will going through the transformation of Average Joe to the Drag Queen Entertainer "Viki Virgo" with the question "Is as easy as putting on a wig and makeup?" and discover that head might be in over his head. Filmed locally in the DFW metropolis.
Q&A with director/producer Benavides and producer/key cast member Alfonso Moreno and other team members.
Dir. Wayo Benavides | 2016 | USA | 27 min
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