Tweed Ride

A participant in the Tweed Ride rides the Houston Street Viaduct and passes the Hyatt Regency hotel.

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Happy gents and ladies alike ride through Downtown at a friendly pace, doing their part to fill the world with more bikes, picnics and sunny vibes. Good show, Old Sport.

The legendary Tweed Ride will depart from the Union Station parking lot at high noon on the first Sunday of December. Traffic will naturally come to a standstill, staring in disbelief as hundreds of happy cyclists pass by pedaling through the crisp winter air. The entire group will be wearing charming tweed outfits, like a collective art installation transporting everyone involved to a more beautiful time and place.

The pace is slow enough for anyone to keep up, so dust off your cruiser, let your street bike enjoy the relaxing pace, invite your sweet old neighbor and bring the kids. You'll cruise through downtown in one enormous group, making friends and savoring the sights for about 45 minutes pedaling at a slow to moderate pace with 2 breaks for photos and regrouping. Then we'll end all together at a big group picnic with a live band, yard games, and hot cider. We'll have the neighborhood vs neighborhood tug of war competition.

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