2016 Lone Star Film Festival: Power of the River

Power of the River

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2016 Lone Star Film Festival: Power of the River at

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An adventure documentary from the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan. This little Buddhist nation, home to the world’s most ambitious commitment to protect nature, faces urgent pressure to dam every last river. A man named "Good Karma" guides an expedition into the unknown to keep his country’s mightiest river wild and free. His trek features a first-ever fishing descent onto virtually unexplored whitewater, including Class IV+ rapids. Along the way, the team makes deep connections and explores stark contrasts with the people of Bhutan and those of neighboring India (whose thirst for electricity is driving a dam frenzy). "A cinematic adventure into the heart of wilderness, Power of the River captures the connection between people and the rivers that are our lifeblood." -Robert Redford

Writer/Director Greg I. Hamilton and Director of Photography Matthew Whalen will be in attendance for a Q&A following the screening.
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