2016 Lone Star Film Festival: Short Block - The Heavy Stuff

The Lot


2016 Lone Star Film Festival: Short Block - The Heavy Stuff at

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Sometimes we have to be a little more serious. These shorts take on heavy issues and bring them to light in a variety of ways. You will be amazed at what these dark films have to offer.

Blackface/minstrel actor Henry Roberts becomes the victim of a hate crime in his small Southern town due to a tragic case of mistaken identity. (Student Film)

Locked away in an American prison's solitary confinement unit, an inmate fights to stay human while forced to endure the compounding psychological effects of long-term isolation. (Student Film)

The Captain: A Bond of Brotherhood Forged in War
If someone saved your life during war, would you go back into a danger zone many years later to help that man? The Captain, an Iraqi army officer who fought in the Iraq War alongside American forces, is now in refugee limbo. He fled his home country out of concern for his family's safety amid the spread of ISIS, but he's unable to get U.N. refugee status. U.S. Iraq War veteran Chase Millsap, who credits this man for saving his life during the war, heads to the Captain's current home in a dangerous part of Turkey. Both call each other "brother."

The Lot
When a lonely cafe owner struggles to help an outcast boy build a fort on a blighted lot, their project and budding friendship is threatened by a city ordinance.

The Land of Exodus
Obed, a Mexican street kid with hopes of making it to America, leads a recently kidnapped American teenager to the Mexico/United States border.

Los Niños Sicarios
Los Niños Sicarios, refers to the child hitmen working for Mexican drug cartels. Along the Southwestern border states, the most desired recruits are Mexican-American teenage boys. After 9 months of military training, the boys are released back into U.S. communities and are 'on call' for specific targets.

Q&A Follwing with Filmmakers in Attendance
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