Govardhana Puja (Cake Mountain) Festival / Diwali

Radha Kalachandji Hare Krishna Temple and restaurant is located in East Dallas.

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Govardhana Puja (Cake Mountain) Festival / Diwali at

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Experience an ancient Indian tradition in East Dallas as Kalachandji’s Hare Krishna Temple celebrates Govardhana Puja. Also known as the Cake Mountain Festival, Govardhana Puja commemorates Lord Krishna protecting the inhabitants of a village from torrents of rain by holding a mountain named Govardhana over them for 7 days. The centerpiece of the festival is the 15 ft long "cake mountain" decorated with sweets, lakes of pudding and ornamental mini Indian temples. Accompanying it are ornately decorated and hand-painted dolls depicting Krishna and the villagers.

Later, the temple room will be illuminated by candlelight for Diwali or The Festival of Lights, marking the Hindu New Year. The celebration will also include kirtan (interactive musical meditation), dance, a free vegetarian feast and more. Everyone present will have the chance to offer a candle for peace.

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