Dallas Videofest 29: Remembering Tracy Hicks

Remembering Tracy Hicks


Dallas Videofest 29: Remembering Tracy Hicks at

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Remembering Tracy Hicks, is a visually stunning and evocative requiem to the artist; a composition of light that ultimately evolves into an extension of Tracy's many creations. Centered on a recent retrospective of the artist's work, this film simultaneously illuminates and portrays the very essence, fragility, and jeweled facets of Tracy Hicks and his nuanced and haunting art.

Tracy’s life and art explored the questions that surround the things we find precious, the things we discard, and the things we deem important enough to preserve. His many shows included the DMA, Valley House Gallery, the MAC , and many venues outside Texas. Tracy was an artist-in-residence and adjunct professor at SMU, and a Fellow in the Smithsonian's Artist Research Program. Hicks died in 2014. Tracy Hicks Director in Attendance
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