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When singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Eliot Sumner began her recording career, she used the name I Blame Coco for her project. That choice was based at least in part upon her desire not to trade on her famous name. As the daughter of bassist Gordon Sumner (that's Sting to you and me) and actor Trudie Styler, Sumner wanted to be measured on her own musical merits. She was sensitive to suggestions that nepotism played a part in her getting a record deal. That was then; this is now. On her latest album, Information, the now more self-assured Sumner proudly goes by her given name. "I'll always be in this shadow," she admits, pausing and then adding, "Well, for now, anyway. But I don't see a problem with it; I just get on with my job, turn up and play music."
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