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There’s really no more populist choice for best male romantic comedy lead than John Cusack. Pop culture aficionado Chuck Klosterman wrote his great essay, “This is Emo” with that notion in mind. Basically, throughout the ‘80s John Cusack became the nice guy every girl felt they should fall in love with.

That’s what makes his performance in HIGH FIDELITY so interesting and complicated. He’s a thirty something that owns a record store and is obsessed about music. Unlike Cusack’s earlier movie persona, Rob isn’t a good guy. He’s a funny guy. He’s a smart guy. And, on the occasional night out, he’s a charming guy. He’s not necessarily a bad guy, but he’s not a good guy…yet.

After his girlfriend, Laura (Iben Hjejle) dumps him he does what any of us would do. He recounts his top five failed relationships in his head, which allows us to see the pre-pubescent Rob, the teenage Rob, the college Rob, and the young adult Rob and we realize he hasn’t come too far. He stalks Laura at the apartment where she’s staying, which makes us all seem a little less crazy. He tries to find solace with his two cohorts who work at the record store he owns ( Jack Black and Todd Louiso).
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