Dallas Solo Fest: Liberte Egalite Adoptee

British comedian Maggie Gallant performs her solo show at Dallas Solo Fest 2016.

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Dallas Solo Fest: Liberte Egalite Adoptee at

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What kind of parent knits their daughter a swimsuit? With itchy, water-absorbing red wool? Maybe the same ones who would buy her a leather briefcase for her 11th birthday. If you ever felt like you didn’t belong with your family then share the embarrassment as British comedian Maggie Gallant discovers where she really came from and then wishes she hadn’t.

The show is part of Audacity Theatre Lab's 2016 Dallas SoloFest, now in its third year, which features eight solo shows over two weekends.

Maggie Gallant is a British born writer and comedian now living in Austin, Texas. Performances: Friday June 3rd, 9pm Sunday June 5th, 5pm Saturday June 11th, 10:30pm
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