Lone Star Texas Independence Day: Bottle Rocket

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Lone Star Texas Independence Day: Bottle Rocket at

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There are a lot of Texas-made movies that feel inherently Texan but to be more of a product of Texas is a horse of a different color. One could argue that BOTTLE ROCKET could have been filmed and set anywhere in the US and still felt relatively like the same movie. But that fact it is a Texas-shot, Texas-set movie gives it a keen sense of personality in the same way that it does for a person from Texas. Its colorful characters. Its sweeping cinematography of old money McMansions, malls, country clubs, private schools contrasted with interstate motels and flatlands. Its twangy Tejano soundtrack. Its as Texas as Texas gets.

It was Houston-born Wes Anderson and the Dallas-born-and-raised Wilson brothers that set their debut across Texas (specifically Dallas, Fort Worth, and Hillsboro). It's what they knew because its what they grew up with. And if you did too, than there's probably an extra charm to it.
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