Jacob Metcalf "Fjord" Listening Party in the Lobby

Jacob Metcalf

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Jacob Metcalf "Fjord" Listening Party in the Lobby at

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Fjord is the title of Jacob Metcalf's debut album, written by Metcalf and performed with the help of friends in North Texas. Fjord is made up of 11 wintery song vignettes, thirty-three minutes marching through the ups and downs of the last decade. The record begins with a breath of air and ends on a pin drop. Somewhere in the middle you'll hear agony and ecstasy, as Fjord welcomes anything and embraces everything. We are hosting a free listening party in the front room at the Kessler on November 15. We'll play the album a couple of times through on the PA so his biggest fans can hear it for the first time.

This is a free event in the Kessler lobby

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