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Royal Teeth's music is harmonious, upbeat pop. It's feel-good music. Opening band Berkshire Hounds from Austin is turning garage rock into something new and unexpected with a brass section and clever lyrics. Check 'em out!

If all music tells a story, then Royal Teeth's joyous, inspired songs spin an exuberant tale of possibility, each note conveying the youthful excitement of venturing out into the great wide world. The songs on the band's debut album, Glow, were penned around the idea of exploration and spirited adventures into the unknown, and its 11 tracks lay out a kaleidoscopic narrative of discovery.

Royal Teeth, who have been featured on American Idol + Last Call with Carson Daly and seen placement in various TV spots, including the current Samsung Galaxy S5 "Next Big Thing" ads, are really only embarking on their adventure now, with the release of this debut album. The first chapters of that story are heard in the music, a soundtrack for exploration and discovery, of bursting into a world teeming with possibilities.
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