Holi Festival of Colors

Swatches of colors spread throughout the air during the hourly powder throwing count down at the Festival of Colors celebrating Holi, the beginning of Spring.

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Holi Festival of Colors at

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If you wear white clothes to the fest, as organizers recommend, just don't expect them to actually stay that way. The color throws every 30 minutes will take care of that. (Needless to say, if getting covered in colorful powder tossed by enthusiastic attendees does not sound like fun to you, this is not the event for you.) It's all to celebrate Holi, a Hindu spring festival.

Colorful spring festival features live performances, Bollywood DJs, Indian percussion specials, Indian street food, dancers, hookahs, vendors and organic color throws every half-hour. Wear white and get ready to celebrate. Presented by VJ Entertainment and FunAsia.

Admission is $10 for ages 18-64; $5 for ages 65+, free for children 17 and younger. Purchase of adult ticket includes a free packet of color. Entry to Hidden Cove Park is an additional $10 per adult.

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