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It is his biological function to make people laugh and forget about their problems. It started when he was a boy when his parents argued ferociously he would act silly or say absurd things and there would be peace in their house for a brief period. It has been his dream to be a stand-up comedian since he was 12 and with a fake ID he started when he was 17 and have done no other job since, his hands are as soft as a baby's bottom for lack of hard labor in his life. He's been luckier than most having his own sitcom on NBC and hosting his own late night talk show in Amsterdam for 2 years. He thinks nothing is more powerful than the written word and monumental ideas for world solutions expressed through comedy. He believes that all we have in this world is the art we leave behind after we are dead and that no other measurement can sum up a life's worth. He believes it's also possible to change someone's life for the better by just showing them a drop of kindness. His goal in life is to make people piss their pants with laughter.
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