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SETH WALKER with his band featuring Josh Hoag (bass) and Jim Starboard (drums) is touring in Support of New Album SKY STILL BLUE, produced By Oliver Wood of The Wood Brothers.

In 2013, Seth Walker took up residence in New Orleans. Upon relocating to the Big Easy, the North Carolina-native completed a trifecta for time spent living in hallowed southern music cities. His journey began in Austin where he became a staple of the Texas blues scene. He’d later relocate to Nashville to absorb its rich songwriting history. With this latest move, the influence of his current home in NOLA inspired the gospel-soaked fervor and gritty guitar burn at the core of this latest collection of 11 songs. Abetted by producer Oliver Wood (The Wood Brothers), Walker revels in the devil-on-my-trail gristle and longing blue notes that make tracks like "Trouble (Don't Want No)" "High Wire" and "Easy Come, Easy Go" resonate so convincingly. However, as Walker’s fans have come to expect, there is always a sweet melody, a turn of phrase wrapped in a wink-and-a-smile or an undeniable pop hook close at hand.

Sky Still Blue is a masterful work conveyed through Walker's expressive, soul-burnished voice, agile guitar artistry and impeccable southern songwriting, all of which have garnered him a reputation as one of the most acclaimed modern roots artists in the country over the last decade.
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