USA Film Festival: Student Shorts

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A lonely street thug yearns for a better life in Melissa Hickey’s NI-NI; an older man strives to overcome his technological ineptness for love in Carla Dauden’s MR. POLMAN WANTS TO FIT IN; a court jester faces possible death in Yair Shvartz’s LIFE IS NO JOKE; a young girl’s fate is in the hands of the townpeople in Tara Atashgah’s FOR THE BIRDS (inspired by a true story); Peter Pan confronts a harsh reality in Kellen Moore’s EAST OF KENSINGTON; a vacuum cleaner salesman must decide how far he will go to please his customers in Jennie Allen’s RELICS; a young girl masquerades as a boy to make ends meet in Puja Maewal’s JAYA; and David Berget dramatizes the last hours of Jim Jones and The Peoples Temple Church in JONESTOWN. 132 mins.

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