Taco Revolución is a French-style saison designed to pair with tacos. It's expected to be available in D-FW in mid-July.

Taco Revolución is a French-style saison designed to pair with tacos. It's expected to be available in D-FW in mid-July.

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Update July 17 4:35 p.m.: Independence Brewing Co. confirmed the Taco Revolución beer will be available in Dallas-Fort Worth "should be available by the end of next week," likely around July 26.

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Tacos and beer are like Texas' version of peanut butter and chocolate. In the words of Reese's, they're "two great tastes that taste great together." It makes sense, then, that a Texas brewery has created a beer specifically to wash down tortilla-wrapped goodness.

Independence Brewing Co. in Austin recently teamed up with Mando Rayo and Jarod Neece, authors of the book Tacos of Texas, to make a brew that pairs well with the flavors of the Lone Star State's many taco variations. Where many might instantly reach for a Mexican lager to go with Mexican food, they hoped to produce something unique.

"We wanted to challenge the stereotype of a light lager," says Amy Cartwright, co-founder and president of Independence.

"For me, tacos are complex. They're not simple," Rayo says. "We wanted to go beyond what you would expect. We wouldn't make a margarita in a can."

The result is Taco Revolución, a 5.6 percent ABV saison that Cartwright describes as "light and crisp." The French hop used in the brew adds citrus notes that accentuate the flavors in tacos without being overbearing. Expect it to make the spices and herbs really pop, she says.

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Though the beer is new, Independence's partnership with these taco experts isn't. Cartwright reached out to Rayo and Neece after hearing them talk about their book on the Texas Standard and offered to be their beer sponsor. After partnering on several pop-up events around the state, Rayo suggested developing a beer brand to pair with Texas' favorite food. (Chili con carne is the official state dish since 1977, though Rayo unsuccessfully petitioned to change it to tacos earlier this year.)

Naturally, the group started its research (read: eating tacos and drinking beer) in the Independence Brewing Co. taproom. One of the small-batch beers, a saison, struck a chord with Rayo and Neece.

"They were like, 'I've never really had this before,' " recalls Cartwright. "And that's what craft beer is about, to be able to introduce them to this style of beer they weren't familiar with."

Taco Revolución is being distributed primarily in cans, and Cartwright expects it will be available in Dallas-Fort Worth in mid-July. If you're looking for the perfect taco pairing, she and Rayo say you can't really go wrong, but they each have a top pick.

"I would definitely say, probably carnitas," Rayo says.

"Brisket tacos," Cartwright says. "I just love brisket tacos."

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