Think about the last time you had a debate, either internally or with a friend. Where was the first place you turned for answers? Was it the 21st century version of a crystal ball, otherwise known as Google?

What did Texans Google? Miranda Lambert's divorce and 'clock boy' top 2015 list

The search engine has become a trusted companion and confidant, often auto-filling in your question before you've even fully developed it. It knows you so well! 

But recently real estate website Estately took things one step further. Using Google Trends, the site hoped to see what the most commonly Googled questions in each state were over the last 12 years, and the results were "both inspiring and depressing." (Their words not mine.)

Which category does Texas fall into? Let's consult the map:

"Where is the Internet?"

For those of you thinking, "Seriously?! Where has it been hiding all this time?" Below is the answer. A word of advice: Reevaluate your life choices.

For the rest of you, this is only the beginning. 

Estately laid out a frightening list of questions that Texans frequently Google that will fill you with shame and make you laugh simultaneously. They include...

Paths to self-discovery:

  • Am I a lesbian?
  • Am I cool?
  • Am I a sociopath?
  • Do I have herpes?
  • Why do I sweat?
  • Can I vote?
  • Which Pokemon are you?
  • Why is my hair falling out?
  • Why is my tongue yellow?
  • Why is my tongue white?

Existential exploration:

  • Where is heaven?
  • Where is hell?
  • Where is Johnny Manziel?
  • Why are we here?
  • When is Jesus coming?
  • Why are people so mean?
  • Do zombies exist?


  • How does sex work?
  • How to meet men?
  • How to be the man?
  • How to get rich quick?
  • How to yodel?

Some that have answers:

  • Who qualifies for Medicaid?
  • Who named Pluto?
  • When is flu season?
  • What is jock itch?
  • What is gun control?

And some that may forever be a mystery:

  • Do girls poop?
  • Is Russia in Asia?
  • Who is the best rapper?
  • Who is the best president?
  • Who is Putin?

See the full list of America's most Googled questions on Estately's website.

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