Editor's note: This story has been updated to include a interview with the app creator.

There's nothing more that Texans love than Texas. So anyone with a Lone Star attitude will be excited to know a new line of Texas-themed emojis is on the way. I repeat, a new line of Texas emojis is on the way!

According to the Houston Chronicle, Sean Compton (the guy behind @SorryImTexan) and country musician Rich O'Toole are preparing to release TexMoji, an app with nearly 200 Texas icons. And they've been teasing quite a few on Twitter, including Willie Nelson, The Alamo and Blue Bell ice cream.

Speaking by phone with The Dallas Morning News, Compton said the idea for TexMoji popped into his head after tweeting one day he wished there was a Texas flag emoji.

"It dawned on my right after, I should just do that," says the 24-year-old Lubbock native who currently resides in California.

His favorite emoji? The queso, which hasn't been released yet.

"Queso is my favorite thing in the world and I'm always deprived of it in California," Compton says. Other reported TexMojis include cowboy hats, margaritas, burritos, Dr Pepper and Whataburger. 

TexMoji is currently awaiting approval from Apple and the founders hope it will be available by early June on iOS for $1-2. If it's successful, Compton says he'll quickly get to work on a version for Android.

BuzzFeed recently posted a list of emojis every Texan wish existed. Which ones do you think are essential to have?

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