The Lot in East Dallas

The Lot in East Dallas

Jerry McClure/Special Contributor

After our son was born, my husband and I quickly realized we had to figure out how to make this kid mobile before cabin fever took hold. You know it’s bad when you have takeout phone numbers memorized.

We haven’t become those people who show up to a 10 p.m. movie with a baby in tow, but you may have seen us around East Dallas trying to maneuver a car seat through a crowded restaurant.

Here are some places we’ve tried with our baby, including food and drink recommendations and where you’ll be doing diaper duty - unfortunately, not many restaurants we frequent have changing stations. So these spots aren’t necessarily baby-friendly, but they’re places where servers have been understanding and patrons haven’t wanted to stick a fork in our foreheads -- we think.

Jamie Hancock is an editor for Briefing.

20 Feet Seafood Joint

20 Feet Seafood Joint

Our experiences here have always been smooth, whether our son slept through the whole meal or wanted to join us for dinner by having a bottle. Ordering at the counter makes for quick service, and it’s BYOB, so there’s no waiting for drinks. Some might complain about having to bring your booze, but really, when you’re carrying the 900 other items that accompany a baby, how hard is it to pack a small cooler or squeeze a bottle of wine into your giant diaper bag?

Drink this: A bottle of white wine or a six-pack from the Casa Linda Albertsons

Eat this: The crispy fried fish and garlic-rosemary "chips"

Diaper duty: Your car

1160 Peavy Rd., Dallas

The patio at Goodfriend Beer Garden and Burger House

The patio at Goodfriend Beer Garden and Burger House

Brad Loper/Staff Photographer
Goodfriend Beer Garden and Burger House


We’ve also been frequent patrons of 20 Feet’s next-door neighbor, Goodfriend. It’s fun to sit on the patio because there’s plenty to entertain a kid, from the cars going in and out of the parking lot to the dogs people bring. Service has been the same as before we had a kid - attentive and friendly. The large beer selection gives you a chance to try something new.

Drink this: Something from Lakewood Brewing Co. on tap

Eat this: The Coop burger, with a fried egg

Diaper duty: Your car

1154 Peavy Rd., Dallas

Keller's Drive-In


Can’t get a baby-sitter for date night? Afraid your kid will have a meltdown in the middle of a restaurant? Try a drive-in. They’re a dying breed, but we’re fortunate to have a few options in Dallas-Fort Worth. We’ve been to Keller’s and the Dairy-ette for burgers and shakes, and we took the little guy to the Galaxy Drive-In in Ennis for his first movie, Jurassic World. He fell asleep before the first roar.

Drink this: The Dairy-ette’s famous root beer, in a frosted mug

Eat this: Keller’s No. 5 with grilled onions

Diaper duty: Your car

Keller’s: 6537 E. Northwest Hwy., Dallas

Dairyette: 9785 Ferguson Rd., Dallas

Galaxy: 5301 N. Interstate Hwy. 45, Ennis

Yucatan Taco Stand (Dallas)

Yucatan Taco Stand

This new spot on Greenville was comfortable handling a large group of adults and kids. It’s another place with counter service, and all the food and drinks were delivered quickly on a Sunday afternoon. For a place with a lot of high chairs and a positive attitude toward setting up and serving a large table for three families, it was surprising to not see a changing table in the bathroom.

Drink this: Margarita on the rocks

Eat this: Latin Caterpillar Roll or the giant mountain of nachos

Diaper duty: Your car

2023 Greenville Ave., Dallas

The Sunday brunch crowd at the Truck Yard on May 24

The Sunday brunch crowd at the Truck Yard on May 24

Alexandra Olivia/Special Contributor

Truck Yard

The Truck Yard

It might not seem like the best place to bring kids, but Sunday brunch is a good time to visit because it’s more kid-friendly than the nighttime crowd. So long as you’re not letting your kids run around totally unsupervised, you’ll be welcome. On a recent Sunday, there were plenty of kids, live music and three food trucks -- Cajun Tailgators, Tuttas Pizza and Brunch Truck DFW. Having the option of ordering from the trucks or getting one of the top-notch cheesesteaks from inside also puts the speed of service in your hands.

Drink this:  If you have at least five people in your group, you can order the $69.99 brunch punch.

Eat this: The fried egg BLT if Brunch Truck DFW is there; if not, a classic cheesesteak

Diaper duty: Your car. Parking in this area is hard to come by, but the free valet is helpful if you can roll the dice on not having to change a diaper while you’re at brunch.

5624 Sears St., Dallas

Circle Grill

Circle Grill

It’s not the trendiest place in town, and that’s what makes it great. If you’re looking for a classic diner breakfast, this is the spot. You know it’s legit when the regulars have nameplates on tables and the backs of chairs. And it’s pretty sweet that everyone from the regulars to the wait staff wants to tell you what a cute baby you have.

Drink this: Coffee (obviously)

Eat this: The chicken-fried steak breakfast or the broccoli, bacon and cheese omelet -- a former menu item they’ll still make if you ask.

Diaper duty: Women's restroom

3701 N. Buckner Blvd., Dallas

Kids playing at The Lot Dallas

Kids playing at The Lot Dallas

Jerry McClure/Special Contributor

The Lot

The Lot Dallas

This East Dallas/White Rock spot has marketed itself from the beginning as kid- and family-friendly, and it delivers. Unlike Truck Yard, there’s a little more freedom to let kids run around and play, though most parents we saw kept a close eye on their charges. The staff might be the most accommodating in town for families with kids. They’re used to it, so nothing shocks them, and they anticipate what you’re going to ask before you ask it.

Drink this: Keep it simple - Shiner Bock

Eat this: Chips and queso

Diaper duty: In the women’s or  men’s restrooms -- as it should be.

7530 E. Grand Ave., Dallas

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