Are you having trouble finding the new food concoctions at the State Fair of Texas? Don't worry! We're here to help.

We here at GuideLive went on a mission to try all 10 of this year's Big Texas Choice Awards finalists. Some are more worth the space in your stomach than others. As we walked off the calories we were eating, we used Google Maps to mark the spots where we finally found the food we were looking for. Because, to be frank, the map you'll find at the fair itself isn't always great.

We tried 'em: Best and worst new foods at the State Fair of Texas in 2018

If you want to go on your own fried food quest -- or just really need help finding that dang Cotton Candy Taco -- here are the spots where we ended up spending our coupons. 

Click on each pin of the map to see the name and photo of the food in question. In cases where a couple of foods seem really close together, they might actually be sold in the same spot.

A couple notes:

1) While we marked the spots where we found the fried food goodness, several items can be found at more than one booth. 

2) Getting the exact coordinates for booths in the Tower Building Food Court was a little tricky, both because of how close in proximity booths are to each other and because of how packed the building was with other cell phone users when we went. So you might have to hunt around a bit for the new food items in there. Sorry about that.

(If you can't see the map below, click here.)

This story has been updated for the 2018 State Fair of Texas.

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