$1 water at the money-suck that is the State Fair? Yes, please!

$1 water at the money-suck that is the State Fair? Yes, please!

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Editor's note: This story has been updated to reflect changes for the 2017 State Fair of Texas.

The State Fair of Texas is in full swing, though I don't need to tell you this. Just look at the number of fried food pics and Big Tex selfies on your Facebook feed. 

The fair means a whole lotta fun, but it also means spending a whole lotta loot. Don't fret Texans, we scoured the fairgrounds in search of deals and steals to make the trip easier on your wallet. So grab this handy fried food map and our list of eats that are worth your dime, and get on down to Fair Park. With a little strategy, you can save on admission, too.

How to get Texas-sized savings on State Fair tickets

Water for $1 or less

It's imperative to stay hydrated at the State Fair, and luckily several booths get that it shouldn't cost an entire sheet of tickets to do so. The Continental Daughters of the American Revolution House (D.A.R. House), located right by the front entrance gate, sells water and soda for $1. The history lesson comes free.

Soda Refill Stations, like the one pictured above, are located throughout the fairgrounds, and if you look closely, they offer another deal: 2-coupon or $1 water. We know of at least four — one outside the Centennial Building by the big fountain, another on Nimitz Dr. near the pig races at Pan American Arena, another near the neon Big Tex sign by the lake with swan boats and one by the Old Mill Inn — but there may be more, so keep your eyes peeled.

Stop by the Icehouse on the Midway or the Beer Barn at Cotton Bowl Plaza for 2 coupon or $1 water, as well. (More on that below.)

Let's say you only have cash or a credit card and don't feel like exchanging for tickets. Duck into the Go Texan Pavilion where the Pioneer Brand convenience store sells $1 bottled water.

Your guide to everything at the State Fair of Texas

Pro tip: You can bring your own food and drink to the fair, as long as it's not alcohol, metal knives or in glass. You can even bring a cooler to keep it chilled!

Beer for $3

Perhaps you want to refresh with a cold beer. Folks looking for the bare necessities can grab a domestic brew for six coupons (that's only $3) at the Icehouse on the Midway. It's near the base of the Fast Trax super slide on what's technically called the Fun Way. The deal applies to all beers, including Coors Original, Coors Light, Miller Lite, Lone Star, Shiner Bock, and Pabst Blue Ribbon, throughout the fair. 

If you're over in Cotton Bowl Plaza, the Beer Barn also sells six-ticket beer. Options include all of those listed above, plus Modelo, Corona, Budweiser, Bud Light and Michelob Ultra. Both bars also offer water for $1 (2 coupons).

Craving craft? Check out the returning Beer Haven area with 60 draft taps and a microbrewery on wheels. Also keep an eye out for the Funnel Cake Ale.

Food for less than half price

Your definitive list of best and worst State Fair of Texas' new foods, ranked

Thrifty Thursdays are your best bets for food deals at the State Fair. Concessionaires offer serious discounts on more than 80 items every Thursday, from nachos to pizza to mini funnel cakes. Even some former Big Tex Choice Awards finalists, such as Fried Mexican Firecrackers and Fried Thanksgiving, are on sale. (Items can be purchased with coupons only.)

You'll see many of the stands with signs saying they offer the Thrifty Thursdays deal, but you can also ask staffers at one of the numerous State Fair help desks who will direct you to cheap fried eats.

A discount is great, but free is even better, right? Every Friday, Fletcher's is giving away free corny dogs to its first 75 customers. Fletcher's has seven stands at the state fair, and each stand is honoring the freebie for 75 people.

Every day of the week, you can snag a free Dannon yogurt sample from Southwest Dairy Farmers in the Go Texan Pavilion. Be warned: There will be a line.

Looking for a snack that won't upset your doctor? The Continental Daughters of the American Revolution House (D.A.R. House), located right by the front entrance gate, sells popcorn and Snickers candy bars for $1. You'll also find gear, such as koozies and visors, for $1.

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