The red snapper with toasted garlic and summer squash dish at FT33.

Tailyr Irvine/The Dallas Morning News

FT33 in Design District


1617 Hi Line Drive Suite 250
Dallas, TX 75207

Leslie Brenner Recommends

Chef Matt McCallister’s cooking is probably the most exciting in Dallas; he’s one of the most talented young chefs in the country.

In early 2017, chef Matt McCallister committed to using only 100 percent locally sourced ingredients at his wonderful Design District restaurant, which means that things dried, cured, pickled, confited or otherwise preserved often work in tandem with the best in-season produce, locally raised meats and poultry and gulf seafood. The $65 fixed-price menu includes four courses, with four choices in each (always including a vegan dish or one easily made vegan); they can also be ordered a la carte. The adventuresome wine list is one of the few in Dallas to offer natural wines among its selections; the cocktails are among the best in town; the service is top-notch. Dinner only. Closed Sunday-Monday. Full bar. --Leslie Brenner/Guide

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