Rachel Lindsay of Dallas concludes her "Bachelor" journey in Finland.

Rachel Lindsay of Dallas concludes her "Bachelor" journey in Finland.

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It's been bizarre watching our Dallas gal Rachel Lindsay on The Bachelor the last couple weeks knowing her relationship with Nick Viall doesn't work out. ABC announced Rachel would be the next star of The Bachelorette weeks ago, even as the sparks between her and the bachelor continued to smolder. Rachel practically coasted into the top three, meaning she snagged a date in the fantasy suite. If we didn't know any better, we think Rachel could have gone all the way to an engagement.

But Monday night, Bachelor Nation finally got some closure. After a picturesque and emotional trip to Finland, Nick sent Rachel home in tears.

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Their date started out promisingly, however. The couple went cross-country skiing and fed some reindeer before jumping in a sled and being whisked off to a romantic dinner. This is where things got interesting.

Rachel, a self-proclaimed skeptic, had put off telling Nick her deepest feelings about him for fear of rejection. But in advance of their night together in the fantasy suite, he pried the truth out of her.

"If you checked your ego at the door, what would your heart say?" Nick asked the 31-year-old attorney.

"That I'm falling in love with you," she candidly said. Cue an invitation to the fantasy suite.

The next morning, Nick and Rachel cooked breakfast together, our local lady rocking a stunning penguin onesie. 

Could you love this girl more? Seriously!

But apparently it was too little, too late. Nick opted to give roses to special education teacher Vanessa and Southern belle Raven, his final two contenders. Never mind he  was crying the whole time.

"It's hard to hear how great you are and how much love somebody has for you, but they don't choose you," Rachel said through tears on the drive away. "I swear that's the story of my life."

"I want someone to have the undeniable, unconditional, unexplainable love for me," she continued. And you will girl, we believe!

Rachel's journey for love continues Monday, May 22 when the 13th season of The Bachelorette debuts. Don't for get the wine!

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