Dallas attorney Rachel cruised into top three during Monday night's episode, which means a golden ticket to the infamous fantasy suite.

Dallas attorney Rachel cruised into top three during Monday night's episode, which means a golden ticket to the infamous fantasy suite.

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Another Monday night has come and gone, and Dallas woman Rachel Lindsay is still on The Bachelor.

'Have you ever dated a black girl?' mom asks the Bachelor on his Dallas visit

Rachel, as you might remember, will star in the next season of The Bachelorette; she is, notably, the first person of color to be the lead. ABC spilled the beans on that weeks ago, but in the latest episode, the 31-year-old attorney became one of the top three women competing for Nick Viall's heart.

That means Nick and Rachel's love unravels sometime between their adventure in the fantasy suite and the finale — but viewers will have to wait until March 6 to find out how it goes. The Bachelor was cut short Monday by the premiere of new mini-series When We Rise, and only aired one of the three infamous overnight dates.

But first Nick had to whittle down the candidates. Bachelor Nation lost a true character after he sent Corrine, this season's antagonist, home to her nanny.

Last week, Nick visited the 24-year-old in Miami, where she took him out for a day of shopping and then to meet her family. Not even the nanny, Raquel, and her famous cheese pasta could convince Nick to stay, however; he walked Corinne and her fake tears to a limo within minutes of the episode.

"I feel like, literally, my heart is never going to be repaired," Corrine said. "Why can't I just have a normal relationship?"

We have an idea...

Nick whisked remaining contestants Rachel, Raven and Vanessa to the winter wonderland of Lapland, Finland, where each got a solo date with the bachelor and possibly an invitation to the fantasy suite. That's where the cameras turn off and the implications come on strong. 

The only date we saw Monday night, though, was with Raven, the southern belle who took Nick mud wrestling and four wheeling in her hometown of Hoxie, Ark. The couple rode a helicopter through a national park and ended the evening at a romantic cabin in the woods. Instead of wearing offensively tight pants, Nick sported an exceptionally terrible turtleneck sweater.

But that didn't seem to deter Raven, who celebrated numerous firsts on the date. The fashion designer said her first real "I love you" and (presumably) experienced her first orgasm — a big night indeed. #blushing

Next week, Nick has the chance to spend the night alongside Rachel and Vanessa. Tune in Monday for a special three-hour edition of The Bachelor to see who makes it to the finale and to watch the claws come out during the always epic Women Tell All.

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