Amanda Loy, (from left, front row), Tiffani Chance, Caylea Woodbury, Bri Barlup, Cordero Bowen, left, back, Austin Skovran, and Lontel Johnson, walk toward Big Tex’s Farmyard while filming, "Little Women: Dallas”, at the State Fair of Texas at Fair Park in Dallas, on Thursday, October 20, 2016. 

Amanda Loy, (from left, front row), Tiffani Chance, Caylea Woodbury, Bri Barlup, Cordero Bowen, left, back, Austin Skovran, and Lontel Johnson, walk toward Big Tex’s Farmyard while filming, "Little Women: Dallas”, at the State Fair of Texas at Fair Park in Dallas, on Thursday, October 20, 2016. 


Little Women: Dallas makes promises for lots of drama in the coming-up portion.

Amanda Loy and Asta Young are up first. 

They're biking on the bridge to nowhere over nothing, and have stopped to admire the view. It is nice, Dallas.

Catch up with the cast of 'Little Women: Dallas' before its Nov. 2 premiere on Lifetime

Amanda invites Asta to a boot camp she's going to host. She said earlier that, though she and Asta are best friends, they are complete opposites in some things. Mostly, she likes to move and Asta is "lazy."

She tells Asta to "stop being so skinny fat" and then "smushy skinny." Asta, like many viewers, wants to know what that even is.

Amanda explains in the confessional that it's skinny but no muscle. I knew that. Heh. Asta says "sexercise" is the most working out that she does.

Anyway, Amanda is inviting all the girls to her boot camp. Sigh. Amanda hopes they'll be on their best behavior because she's also inviting new clients. Oh, you eternal optimist, you.

Emily and Bri are trying to get the attention of a store attendant. 

They are picking up some handmade jewelry that Emily ordered that's made using her son's ashes. Beautiful.

And heartbreaking. 

Emily talks about how her daughter Ava doesn't really understand about her brother's death and that she's finding it difficult to explain. Emily starts crying as she tells Bri about how Ava wants to name another baby after the first. I cry some, too.

Emily plans to plant a tree in the baby's memory, too. 

"Our memories of JJ will grow with it," she says.

Brichelle and Caylea meet over vittles.

Brichelle, like she does, wastes no time. Before she can even settle into her seat, she asks Caylea how her house-hunting is going.

And then, about Caylea's former roommate Tiffani: "I would not be cool with her anymore." That Brichelle is fast and loose with her opinions. And her lips.

She's doing a little too much, though. She's always starting some stuff. But she's always onto something, too. When Caylea brings up the boot camp and that Tiffani will be there, she's blunt and says that it's not going to end well.

At Safari Run in Plano.

Wooda is headed to Atlanta for work so he and Bri took Malik out to play.

Bri is doing her best to remind Wooda that he's needed at home so he shouldn't try to stay longer than the proposed two weeks. She says Malik needs ear surgery and that Wooda needs to be there to help them.

"Atlanta's not the only city in the whole entire world," Bri begins. True that.

Wooda knows that, and rattles off a list of other cities that he's going to visit, too.

He smiles: "I gotta go to a lot of places so we're gonna have a lot of these talks."

He's sweet, but girl, he's blowing in the wind. Let. Him.

In confessional, Bri says, "Sometimes I worry that he just doesn't put us first." Well ...

Boot camp. (They've been teasing the mess out of this.)

First, Amanda's happy: "I'm hoping we can get some endorphins going, relieve some stress ..."

The ladies of 'Little Women: Dallas' kick things off ... in Fort Worth?

Asta: "It's 104 degress outside today." I can't believe Asta fell for this.

Amanda (producers?) pairs everyone up for throwing medicine balls. Oh, Amanda. 

Caylea and Tiffani are throwing the ball and verbal jabs back and forth. Then Caylea has enough talking and hits Tiffani with the ball. It looked like it hurt but Tiffani jumps right up and shoves Caylea hard enough -- with both hands -- in the chest that Caylea falls to the ground. Uh-oh.

I'm with Asta on this one: "What the hell is happening?"

Anyway, after some shoving and attempted hitting with Amanda intervening, everyone goes back to boot camp.

And now, Amanda's sad.

Because Asta is throwing up. And then, just as a sing-songy "burnout burpees" rings out ... man down! Then it gets scary because a guy is actually checking Asta's pulse, like it's an episode of Castle.

Two of the men pick Asta up and take her away as someone (probably blunt Emily) yells, "We're not built for this [expletive]." 

Girl, you and me both. Someone had better have a seven-figure contract with my name on it if they want me to work out in 104-degree Dallas heat, which I swear is different from regular 104-degree heat.

Amanda rolls up to a house, with a big jug of water.

Ty opens the door and calls her "the drill sergeant." Asta is on the couch and says that they told her at the hospital that she passed out probably because of heat exhaustion.

I still think she passed out at the mere mention of "burpees."

Amanda apologizes: "You're like my sister. I would never do anything to hurt you." Awww.

At the house formerly known as Caylea's and Tiffani's ...

Tiffani tells Austin that Amanda -- still trying, bless her heart -- has invited them to "go paint-balling."

Oh, young Austin. He counsels Tiffani to "just go in there with a good attitude." 

Whatever. She might do better with a mace and, perhaps, Mace. You know, just in case.

The girls are helping Caylea move into an apartment.

Brichelle once again gets right to it: "How are you affording the rent?"

Caylea borrowed money from her father to move in. Brichelle and viewers want to know what happens after that. Caylea hopes twerk happens.

Brichelle plays the straight man for once and asks Caylea where she got the nice knives from. Caylea says she took them from the house.

"The next time Tiffani goes into the kitchen, she's gonna notice that all the knives she put in my back are now gone." Snicker.

But what she needs is that step stool she left behind. They can't reach the freezer or the cabinets to even put up her stuff, up to and including the knives. Priorities, yo. Shade before comfort.

Caylea says she misses Tiffani but is waiting for a real apology.

Oh, I want to go to Gat Splat Paintball.

That Amanda is not going to give up until someone is in a body bag: "Since my boot camp didn't work out ..."

A mistake at the lake? 'Little Women: Dallas' cast crashes its own party

Tiffani says she's going to just try not to get shot. Yeah. 

Emily, perhaps sensing pending doom, is the first one out.

Caylea's gunning for Tiffani and when she gets her, flash forward to the confessional where she says, "Oh. My. God. That felt great."

At the end, and about time, Tiffani asks Caylea to stay back for a minute.

She says, "I wanted to apologize for saying what I had to say at the wrong time."

Caylea says she's just going to apologize for the medicine ball and ends with, "I don't have words for you." Well, then.

Malik and Bri are helping Wooda pack.

Well, Malik is trying to help and Bri is only watching as she's still worried that Wooda will want to stay in Atlanta.

Girl, even Malik knows the answer here. He says, "More money." Wooda laughs. I feel you.

"I want to be in Dallas," Bri says. "This is our home."

They sit down with Wooda's sister, Chee Chee, who is not shy with her opinions.

Bri says Chee Chee is "old-fashioned. She thinks my world should revolve around my man." Um, didn't you just say that Wooda's world should revolve around you? Maybe I misunderstood.

Anyway, Chee Chee doesn't think Emily would return the favor of moving anywhere for Bri. What she's missing here is that you don't do things like that for reciprocation. Sigh.

Bri: "I may have come here for Emily but this is where I want to stay and raise my family."

Caylea and Tiffani meet over vittles.

Caylea begins: "I guess it's my turn." And, "I feel like I'm losing my best friend over a guy." And she doesn't want to.

Tiffani feels the same way. This is the longest apology on record.

And then they both apologize.

Tiffani to Caylea: "We'll always be friends."

Caylea needs support: "My twerking's not doing so well and at the same time, I feel like I'm losing my best friend." Poor baby.

Emily is getting ready for a somber task.

She talks about explaining the baby's death to Ava and then we go to her giving the little girl the necklace she picked up earlier.

She explains the tree: "When the tree grows, it'll be like JJ growing."

Emily and Ava and Bri and Meek go outside for the the tree ceremony. The children take turns adding ashes to the soil inside the pot.

Emily begins: "To my son JJ, your time here was brief ..."

She cries through the rest but does an admirable job. And, appropriately, the episode ends.

Next time: There's a pool party. Caylea needs to borrow money because Tiffani is apparently asking her to pay to clean the carpet? And Brichelle is feeling froggy and jumps.

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