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This time, voters didn't let Rick Perry down.

And he was just as surprised as everyone else, including the judges, to hear he was safe to dance another day. Dancing With the Stars will continue Monday, Sept. 26, with a "one-hour faceoff." Someone, most likely Potty Mouth Perry, must have let an epithet loose as the screen briefly went to logo as he jumped up and down and yelled, "I love you." He found out right behind leader Laurie Hernandez that he would stick around.

The judges looked a little confused. Julianne Hough had her own explanation: "It doesn't hurt that Rick has Emma [Slater, his dance partner]."

After two hours of outtakes, recaps and footage from a "new perspective," Jake T. Austin and his partner, Jenna Johnson, were the first couple to be let go. Also in the bottom four: Olympic medalist Ryan Lochte; Maureen McCormick; and Amber Rose, who I suspect might not play well to middle America, though the little critic in the house said, "She looks legendary."

"I had a blast," Austin said. "You guys are the best." But while the screaming tweens yelled "Yes," Bruno countered with "No. Oh, no!"

The former Texas governor and presidential candidate reiterated his reason for even being on the show in clips: His only daughter, Sydney, is getting married. 

"No more excuses," said Perry's wife, Anita Perry. Heh. He has to dance now. He's at least serviceable. More than that, he's having a grand old time. 

"Whatever I didn't score in footwork," he said, " I made up for in passion."

And how. He's the only dancing star who pulled off fellow Texan Vanilla Ice's "V" hand sign. He wore a hat to the back and the two mugged for the cameras. Ice, who's in the competition to "shake the dust off," said, "I don't care about scores. That's for them."

Rick Peezy and Vanilla Ice were beyond dad cool. And after Tuesday night, they'll get the chance to see if they can stay that way.

Things I learned from the season's first "live results show with behind-the-scenes chatter":

They should mic the floor: The pros give direction and the stars let loose when they mess up.

Erin Andrews gives fine pep talks: She doesn't have any skin in the game, so she props up the dancers when she sees they need it.

The show could have lasted 30 minutes: While some of the backstage antics are enlightening, the others are really just from another camera angle. And I could have done without the mini-concert near the end. But that video called "Country Forever," in celebration of the 50th CMAs was all that.

Calvin Johnson Jr.'s sister is the ish: He's in the competition because she said he had no rhythm. And she called out the judges on her brother's scores.

Julianne Hough has a crush: And it's on Johnson, the "big Urkel." 

James Hinchcliffe has peeped y'all: The race car driver is under no illusion about his popularity. During a break, instead of worrying about his status on the show, he was checking the score on the USA-Canada hockey game.

Rick Perry has a potty mouth: Man, the governor just lets it all hang out on this show.

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