Kadie Lynn Roberson, 12, of Kemp, Texas, auditioned for "America's Got Talent."

Kadie Lynn Roberson, 12, of Kemp, Texas, auditioned for "America's Got Talent."


Young girls with stellar voices just keep coming on America's Got Talent.

This time, it was from Kemp, Texas. Kadie Lynn Roberson merged the familiar with the new with a confident performance on Tuesday night's show. 

The 12-year-old singer has a voice as big as all of Texas. And the judges smiled from the first "Twinkle, twinkle, lucky star" to the last. The audience ate it up, with some of them standing to applaud midway through the performance. Her parents were standing near the stage, clearly thrilled.

"I have a feeling that in a few year's time, we're going to look back to this moment and say 'this is the day we discovered Kadie Lynn'," said judge Simon Cowell.

Cowell, who created the show, had the biggest smile I think I've ever seen on him behind a judge's table. It seems he's much more comfortable in that role on America's Got Talent than that other show he was on.

Cowell also smiled a lot during another performance from a young girl with a voice.

Thirteen-year-old stand-up comic Lori Mae Hernandez had the judges in stitches with her baby-sitting humor, including a sly dig at presumptive presidential nominee at Donald Trump.

Judge Howie Mandel asked the teenager a few questions before she got started. She got a little choked up about how she started in stand-up; she said her father has Bell's Palsy and it got hard for him to smile. Her father and mother were in attendance. 

The show airs Tuesdays at 7 on NBC.

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