It's week two of The Bachelorette and already there's a full blown ego war engulfing the mansion. Who's at the center of all the hoopla, you ask? It's Chad, the luxury real estate agent from Tulsa, Okla. who can't stop talking about protein shakes and throwing shade at the other contestants. Or as Alex, the fun-sized marine, called him, "public enemy No. 1."

During the premiere, Chad emerged as one to watch after Dallas' lady on a mission to find love JoJo Fletcher called him "mysterious" and "sexy." This week, however, he solidified his position as the season's most-loathed contender, incessantly rolling his eyes and sharing unsolicited opinions about everyone in the house. 

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In his own words, here are Chad's feelings about his roommates:

On Alex, the little-but-lovable marine: "He's too short," says Chad.

On the guys who went on the episode's first group date: "I feel like the guy who went on the date today are her B team," he says.

On Nick B., the unmemorable guy who dressed as Santa Claus last week: "Nick is trying so hard it's just coming off super weird," Chad says.

On Jordan, the allegedly sleazy but so far perfect ex-pro football player also famed for being Green Bay Packer Aaron Rodgers' brother: 

"The best thing about Jordan is his brother," says Chad. "You know what the worst thing about Jordan is? He's not his brother."

The ironic part of Chad's antics is that he seems to have fewer words to describe JoJo. Chad was on the second group date of Monday night's episode in which six men stopped by ESPN as guests of the SportsNation, which, of course, was renamed BachelorNation for the event. Hosts Max Kellerman and Marcellus Wiley challenged the men to several physical and intellectual tests before power ranking them as the best fit for Fletcher.

In one, Fletcher's suitors put their heads on a baseball bat and spun 10 times before trying to walk dizzily to the bachelorette and "propose." Chad managed to saunter to her effortlessly, then got down on one knee and said, "Will you marry me?" ... just as effortlessly. Where the other men had waxed poetic about Fletcher, the token bad boy did not. In fact, when Fletcher probed him to tell her all the things he loved about her, Chad went on the defense.

"Starting off a little naggy here," he jested.

How romantic.

While viewers and his competitors found Chad boastful, arrogant and generally annoying, the SportsNation hosts perceived his actions a "honest" and ranked him second as the best fit for Fletcher.

This no doubt helped propel Chad during the following cocktail party, during which he opened up to Fletcher about his little dog and recently deceased mother. Cue serious smooch session.

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While Fletcher seemed blinded by the biceps, none of the other guys were fooled. Several of them confronted Chad after he took not one, not two, but three opportunities to chat with Fletcher during the pre-rose ceremony cocktail party. Oh no he didn't! The controversy didn't amount anything just yet, but evidence of Chad's anger (and alcohol) issues bled through when he threatened to knock another guy's teeth out.

When the episode wasn't all Chad-TV, Fletcher was getting to know the other men on much more civil terms. In the season's first group date, she put the guys to work as firefighters, which didn't pan out well for the endearingly scrawny radio personality Wells, who nearly passed out from the heat and gear. It earned him the group date rose though, so #worthit?

Nice guy and sensitive singer-songwriter James Taylor stole America's heart Monday, when he brought Fletcher to tears with a poem he wrote for her. He also scored first place in the BachelorNation power rankings and earned the group date rose to match.

In the season's first solo date, Fletcher whisked dreamy eyed Derek off on an impromptu trip to San Francisco, where they picnicked with views of the Golden Gate Bridge and got to know one another drama-free.

Ultimately the Dallasite sent three men home: James S., the Bachelor superfan, for obvious reasons; Brandon, the self-proclaimed hipster, for obvious reasons; and Will, the civil engineer who should have been sent packing after awkwardly forcing the season's first kiss during the premiere.

Next week, The Bachelorette is so dramatic it can't be contained in one night. The show will instead air both Monday and Tuesday night at 7 p.m. CST.

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