People aren't especially reticent when it comes to The Real Housewives of Dallas.

The emails that hit my inbox are about 6 to 1 in favor of deleting it from the face of the Earth. I'm usually hesitant to point this out, but if you're able to critique it thusly, then you're watching it, buddy. Cast member Cary Deuber said it before. And here, let her say it again: “You either love-watch it or hate-watch it, but you’ll watch it.”

Now that we're at the halfway point, I thought I'd go to the bastion of commentary that is the Internet to see what people really think. That's right, I went to Twitter. Read on.

Breakout star LeeAnne Locken is easily the most divisive of the bunch, even on the show.

They love her.

They hate her.

Good thing there are four other cast members.

Sweet Stephanie Hollman, feisty Brandi Redmond, cool-as-a-cucumber Cary Deuber and ride-or-die chick Tiffany Hendra aren't spared, either.

But there are some who are unabashed in their love for it all, though they can't quite explain why.

They are here for everything.

And they lay their guilty pleasure out there for all to see.

But there are some who strongly disagree.

Entire conversations about it, even.

And there's even some friendly fire.

Others just want the show to clean up a little.

They're looking at you, Brandi Redmond and Stephanie Hollman. Even TV Guide got a jeer in.

And it goes much deeper.

Others just make fun, which is probably the easiest way to go.

And others call Bravo to task.

Whether you hate it or love it, there are five more episodes to make up your mind. You can make up your mind every Monday night at 9 on Bravo. Or wait for the recap right here.

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