Monday night, fans of The Bachelor got a break from the lovey-dovey stuff and more of the drama they crave during one of the best episodes of every season, The Women Tell All.

Even though it was one of the tamer contestant reunions, rest assured when the cameras turned on, the claws came out. Some of bachelor Ben Higgins' season favorites returned, including recently eliminated gals Caila Quinn and Amanda Stanton, as well as the house's biggest villains, Olivia Caridi and Lace Morris.

Let's break down the biggest interviews.

Olivia Caridi

We followed Texan Olivia Caridi throughout the season, from her first impression rose in the premiere to her breakup on heartbreak island in the Bahamas. She was characteristically known as the bad broad of the house who would stop at nothing to further her relationship with Higgins. So when she showed up on TV Monday, Caridi had a target on her back, but when she faced the other contestants in the hot seat, the news anchor seemed like a hurt woman.

Texan Olivia Caridi is officially most hated on 'The Bachelor' after shocking comeback

Several former love-hungry ladies jumped at the opportunity to criticize her. Caridi bullied the other women in the house, said the twins Emily and Haley Ferguson. Caridi didn't apologize thoroughly enough for calling Stanton's life an episode of Teen Mom, claimed Stanton. If Caridi has gotten to know the other women in the house, she would have realized they like "to read books and talk smart things, too," barked some random girl who never got air time.

The Texan confessed she had been bullied as a child, which is why she can often come off as "driven," "strong" and "independent." The truth, however, is the other contestants body-shamed her on national television, and that's the point that stuck with viewers, many of whom perhaps for the first time felt remorse for Twitter-shaming Caridi in tandem.

"There were times I hated myself," Caridi said through tears. "To pick on my body ... this hurts, it sucks."

Poking fun at her continuously-gaping mouth, however, that stuff was funny, she said. And Twitter breathed a collective sigh of relief.

Lace Morris

You remember Lace, right? The totally "not crazy" girl, in her own words. She left The Bachelor after several painful episodes to work on herself, and Monday night returned claiming she was was a changed woman.

"That wasn't me, I was so uncomfortable," Morris said referring to her actions on The Bachelor. "I'm proud of where I am."

It seems Chris Harrison and crew, however, are calling her bluff. The host invited Morris to participate on the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise because that's what they invite all the notoriously crazy contestants to do. (How else do you think they procure ratings?)

The only thing crazier than Crazy Lace Monday was some dude in the audience who was deranged enough to get a tattoo of her face on his side. It looked real too, but I'm taking bets on how much The Bachelor paid him to do that. Any bidders?

Why? Just why?

Why? Just why?

Kelsey McNeal/ABC

Sheila the Chicken

The Women Tell All wouldn't have been a complete zoo without the appearance of an animal. Tiara Soleim entered season 20 of The Bachelor as an occupational "chicken enthusiast" and figured since no one would remember her (seriously, who is she?), she'd bring along a feathered friend to grab some headlines.

Sheila was also the star of some Twitter chatter:

Ben Higgins

The not-feathered star of Monday night's episode, bachelor Ben Higgins, entered the ring of fire when he came to face 17 of his former lovers; however, surprisingly the flames were all but extinguished when he got there.

On March 14, Bachelor fans find out who Higgins proposes too. He recently told good Morning America he is engaged.

On March 14, Bachelor fans find out who Higgins proposes too. He recently told good Morning America he is engaged.

Kelsey McNeal/ABC

Stanton, who introduced Higgins to her kids during a hometown date, had nothing but respect for the bachelor. Quinn, who was the only finalist not to receive a reciprocal "I love you," still loves him in a way, she said.

I guess the show is saving all that drama for next week, when the finale of The Bachelor airs on March 14. If the previews were any indication, it's bound to be a doozie. 

Recap: Higgins dished out the "L" word to the remaining two women, Dallas' own JoJo Fletcher and Portland's Lauren Bushnell. But next week, it appears he has to come clean and choose just one.

Hold yourself over with this epic blooper montage from season 20 of The Bachelor:

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