It's only week two of Bachelor Ben Higgins' journey to find love, and already emotions are boiling over. One of our Texas ladies, Olivia Caridi of Austin, sits at the center of much of recent controversy. 

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Monday night, she attended a group date to a place viewers are supposed to believe is a scientifically-certified "love lab," where Higgins used his senses, including touch and (unfortunately for some) smell, to measure attraction with each woman. Caridi scored the highest match, a 7.4 out of 10, and garnered a rose. But apparently that wasn't enough validation. 

During the pre-rose ceremony cocktail party, Caridi staked her claim as the bad broad of the bunch when she broke an unspoken rule and took time to talk to Higgins despite the fact she already had a rose. Oh no she didn't.

"I'm two for two," she said, referring to receiving the first impression rose on the season premiere

"I don't even know what rose ceremonies are."

But her cockiness isn't what set Twitter abuzz after the airing. The former news anchor just couldn't keep her mouth shut -- literally. Pictures and memes of Caridi gaping jowls flooded the #TheBachelor feed, and there are currently at least three accounts tweeting on behalf of her mouth.

The rest of Monday's episode was somewhat overshadowed by Caridi's chomper, including cameos from actors Kevin Hart and Ice Cube, who tagged along on the first solo date of the season between Higgins and the bubbly software saleswoman Caila Quinn.

Dallas gal JoJo Fletcher made a lasting impression, however. Fletcher was one of 10 women on the episode's first group date, which schooled the ladies through a series of science, geography and athletic competitions. She and teammate Becca Tilley fell short of the prize after unsuccessfully attempting to locate Indiana, Higgins' home state, on a map. But that didn't deter the bachelor.

During cocktail hour, Higgins romantically took Fletcher, whose ego may have been bruised but looks were still intact, to a helipad where they totally connected. Fletcher brought home the group date rose for Big D, which meant both Texas women walked into the final rose ceremony cool as carnations.

Ultimately, four women were sent home, including our favorite Portland weirdo Mandi Kremer, despite showing brains and brawn when she won the group date at love school. In a strange turn of events, Lauren "LB" Barr of Oklahoma found her own way out, rejecting Higgins' rose in favor of a car to the airport.

The Bachelor returns to ABC Monday, Jan. 18 at 7 p.m. Until then, more memes of Olivia's mouth:

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