Left to right: Quentin Alexander, Clark Beckham, Rayvon Owen and Trevor Douglas.

Left to right: Quentin Alexander, Clark Beckham, Rayvon Owen and Trevor Douglas.


On last night's episode of American Idol, the 12 guys remaining in the competition sang for the public's vote. Only eight of them will make it through to the next round. Tonight will be the ladies turn. The night was interesting, it is very clear that more effort was put on choosing the contestant this season because most of them seemed very comfortable on the stage. Some gave performances that you usually see on the final stages of the competition (I'm looking at you, Quentin) and some were just okay.

Fort Worth's Trevor Douglas gave a good performance. He wasn't in my top three best performances of the night but wasn't in the bottom either. What really saves Trevor is that he knows how to put on a show and where others may be uncomfortable to do more than just sing, he has no problem. He has the ability to take hold of the crowd and the girls in the audience were simply loving it.

But there was one problem. Trevor got so involved in performing that his voice suffered. If he can learn from that performance, which I'm sure he will, he'll know to look for a balance so his charisma and his voice will both shine.

Take a look at Trevor's rendition of Gavin Degraw's "Best I Ever Had," followed by my top three performances of the night.

1. Quentin Alexander - "I Put a Spell on You" A risky, haunting performance with a great vocal. Plus man, he has such a cool style. It's like Mad Max meets Lenny Kravitz. Something we would see on the final episodes of the season.

2. Clark Beckham - "When a Man Loves a Woman" One of the only performances to show real star power last night.

3. Rayvon Owen - "Jealous" One of the best voices I've heard on Idol in a few years.

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