"It's so hot! My car is like an oven!" you say. But is it really? I mean, could you slide a pan in there and have some delicious sausage and pepperoni pizza in 30 minutes?

Well, no. Stop being so hyperbolic. Your car isn't that hot. I mean, don't leave you kids or pets in there (seriously), but if you want to attempt cooking something in your car, you're going to need more than the usual amount of baking time. 

So could you have fresh car cookies in a couple hours?


We placed a couple of pans in videographer Brian Elledge's car: One with chocolate chip cookies and one with a "Take 'N' Bake" pizza from Papa Murphy's. You can see the results of the experiment in the video below, but we'd probably advise against experimenting too much yourself unless you know what you're doing (which we clearly do. We're scientists. Obviously).

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