Dallas attorney Rachel Lindsay reacts to the news that both women who embarked on teh 2-on-1 date were sent home. We feel that.

Dallas attorney Rachel Lindsay reacts to the news that both women who embarked on teh 2-on-1 date were sent home. We feel that.

Wait, what the hell just happened?

That was a common consensus after Monday night's episode of The Bachelor during which Nick Viall, this season's man on a mission for love, sent home not two, not four, but six women.

That count is right: half a dozen women bid adieu to the four-time star of the reality dating series. No reason to freak out, though — our Dallas girl Rachel was not among them. In fact, after Monday night she's one of just six women left in the running to get him down on one knee.

Nick was smitten with Rachel, an attorney, during the season's premiere, which made her the first black woman in series history to receive the first impression rose. The couple proved their fire was still burning last week during a one-on-one date in New Orleans. Rachel was safe from elimination at the beginning of the episode — Nick sent home Jaimi the chef, Josephine the unemployed nurse and Alexis the aspiring dolphin trainer, the last to the chagrin of fans Twitter-wide.

After the rose ceremony, the whole gang flew to beautiful St. Thomas where Rachel was on yet another group date that — surprise! — involved sports. This game of volleyball, however, quickly went from tequila to tears when the women realized they were too drunk to bump, set, spike it (that's the way Nick likes it).

The whole kerfuffle almost made Rachel lose her cool. Like, what is the point if this is just going to be a constant competition with the other women?

Nick begged her to stay and — surprise! — she did. Three other contestants weren't so lucky.

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Also on the group date: a woman named Jasmine G., known to viewers as the last contestant not to have received a solo date with the bachelor (or to shut up about it). When she confronted him, the conversation went as well as one might think, and suddenly she was crying herself all the way to the airport.

Then Nick took Danielle L., the sassy nail salon owner from Los Angeles, and Whitney, the pilates instructor from Minnesota, on a two-on-one date to the beach. Bachelor fans know what that means: one lady gets left ashore.

Whitney was first on the chopping block, not much of a shock considering viewers didn't even recognize her.

In a strange turn of events, however, Nick also gave Danielle L. the boot because she dropped the "I think I'm falling in love with you" a little too soon.

The vibe was very cut-throat...

The pressure of finding the right one seemed to be getting to Nick. After the dramatic two-on-one date, he ran up to where the remaining contestants (Rachel, Raven, Vanessa, Danielle M., Kristina and Corinne) were lodged and dropped a bomb: "I don't know if I can keep doing this," he said sobbing. 

Cool, so this was all for nothing?

Tune in to The Bachelor next week at 7 p.m. CST to see if you've been wasting the last six Mondays of your life.

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