Congratulations, Serial-lovers! The wildly popular podcast will be back for two more seasons according to an email sent by host Sarah Koenig and crew. 

The email included an update on the Adnan Syed's case, which Koenig retraced and reinvestigated during Serial's first season. The long and short of it is that Syed is being allowed to present new testimony from Asia McClain to the circuit court. And as Koenig wrotes:

"And anytime a court opens a door to new testimony - new fact-finding - that's a big deal for the appellee."

Serial's Sarah Koenig: Binge-Worthy Journalism

For those who have listened, you'll remember that in the first season, aspects of the podcast were still being investigated and followed up on during the course of the season, mostly when new sources or evidence was presented by listeners. 

It seems as though that will continue — it would be hard for it not to and for the tone and style to remain the same. 

Season Two will launch this fall and Season Three will begin next spring. The topics have not been announced, but Koenig wrote, "What we can say is that they're very different from Season One, but no less interesting to us." 

Beyond that update from the first season, Koenig announced the podcast will be back for not one, but two seasons. The production team hopes to cut down on the time between seasons by reporting two at once. 

Can't wait for more? Sarah Koenig will be in Dallas in August speaking about Serial as part of the #thinkspeak series. She will talk about challenges in the reporting, how the show was designed and play behind-the-scenes tape.

Tickets for Koenig's talk go on sale June 12. 

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