Bryshere Gray plays Hakeem Lyon. 

Bryshere Gray plays Hakeem Lyon. 

chuck hodes/fox

So, there's lots to talk about these days and a podcast can barely hope to contain us.

This is our second one this week, which means we've been working overtime. We're also a little flustered because of our emotional response to the story of 11-year-old Ben Schneider meeting Ben Folds. (I was there, yo.)

First, there was the premiere episode of Real Housewives of Dallas. And you know, we had a lot to say about that. Well, yeah ...

And then there was the rest of the week, and we had to catch up to the failed CP time joke, Ethan Couch, Ted Cruz being human on Fallon and reality TV shows that Tawnell actually likes. 

And, Empire, of course. Because what's From the Hip without an Empire?

Listen up.

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