There's no disputing that everything is better with a side of bacon. But baconizing products isn't always a good idea. Don't believe me? Below are 15 bacon-flavored things that really shouldn't have happened.

Just because you can buy bacon cotton candy at Texas Rangers baseball games doesn't mean you should.

G.J. McCarthy/The Dallas Morning News

Bacon cream cheese deserves a big nope!

Flickr user Mike Mozart: 

Bacon Soda and its liquid food friends need not exist.

Flickr user: Eden, Janine and Jim:

Just looking at Baconnaise is clogging my arteries.

Flickr user eng1ne:

Bacon vodka is not as good as it sounds.

Flickr user JasonPairs:

Oh you're making it at home? Still not a good idea.

Flickr user Jeff Tidwell:

These taste like mesquite-smoked bird droppings. (At least the birds ate well?)

Flickr user evil robot 6:

Why God? Why???

Flickr user Jeff Kubina:

I'm not getting my buzz from bacon beer, no sir.

It's like the real thing, only worse.

Flickr user theImpulsivebuy:

We should nix bacon starches all together.

Flickr user Mike Mozart:

Bacon cake made with pork, lemon and thyme dressing. Serve cold, or possibly try frying it. Or not.

Flickr user greatlettuce:

For the sweet scent of breakfast 24 hours a day. #nope

Flickr user SharonaGott:

That bacon is a-fakin'.

Flickr user Greg Dunlap:

Burger with 1,050 pieces of bacon? Perhaps it's better in theory.

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