Willie Nelson turned 86 on April 29. Wanna bet he may have lit up a joint in celebration? Well, maybe not a joint. More likely, he took a hit or two off his vape or got what he needed from a morsel of "weed chocolate."

The people at Rolling Stone magazine put Willie on the cover of their latest issue, dubbed "the weed issue." In the story, Willie says he stays high "pretty much all the time." But he also says that marijuana saved his life. 

"It's nice to watch it being accepted — knowing you were right all the time about it: that it was not a killer drug," says Willie. "It's a medicine." 

The Texan says marijuana has been his drug of choice since 1978, when he gave up cigarettes and whiskey. It must have worked. He's still making records and doing live shows. Happy birthday, Willie.

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