One of Fort Worth's best songwriters, Jake Paleschic, has some excellent new music out

One of Fort Worth's best songwriters, Jake Paleschic, has some excellent new music out

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The seasons may change, even if the temps never seem to cool down, but one thing around here that stays the same is constant flow of high-quality new music from artists from our neck of the woods. Here are a few fantastic songs to get your playlist current and in-season.

Todd Pipes - "Come Out Fighting"

Todd Pipes is the voice behind one of the biggest smash hit songs to ever come out of North Texas. As lead singer of Deep Blue Something, Pipes and his band hit it big with the addictive, impossible to avoid "Breakfast at Tiffany's" in 1996. He's stayed plenty busy in the ensuing decades as a recording studio owner, record producer and solo artist. His latest collection, a just-released EP entitled The Mainsail to Skyking and it includes this melodic rocker, which will feel familiar to longtime followers yet fresh enough to warrant its own set of new fans.

Asian Da Brat (formerly Asian Doll)- "Southside"

When she became the latest Dallas-based rapper to sign a big time label deal, joining Gucci Mane's 1017 Eskimo Records, she went by Asian Doll. But in a recent tweet, the electric, promising rapper proclaimed she would now go by Asian Da Brat. Regardless of her moniker, she's an exciting talent to hear as her name spreads far and wide. Her new video for "Southside" isn't a bold personal statement, as much as it is a fierce, in-your-face mission statement. (Note this video is NSFW)

Grassland Fire - "Some Say"

Dallas' Grassland Fire is a relatively new crew comprised of local music vets including Jimbo Wallace, Cameron Brand, Brian Weems and Benjamin Fleming. The songs the group has released thus far have offered up killer doses of twanged-up punk and psych-tinged Americana. "Some Say" is a revved-up rockabilly number built to rattle walls all over Deep Ellum.

Jake Schrock - "Tropical Depression"

According to the description on the Holodeck Records Bandcamp page, the new release from Dallas-based electronic producer and artist Jake Schrock is a "must have for collectors of innovative and enduring synth music." In all fairness, when it comes to Schrock's Tropical Depression, the high-minded praise is indeed warranted. When applied with an expert touch, the sounds from analog electronic instruments have a way of simultaneously transporting us back in time, while carrying us urgently into the future. As evidenced with the title track, Schrock is a deft handler of just such a skill.

Vanessa Peters - "Carnival Barker"

Dallas-based folk-rock artist Vanessa Peters will soon release Foxhole Prayers, her latest full-length record. With a moody groove, "Carnival Barker" presents a timely, topical tale that many might hear as overtly political, though Peters avoids low hanging lyrical fruit in favor of well-crafted scene setting and storytelling.

Jake Paleschic - "Some Days"

One of Fort Worth's greatest songwriters, Jake Paleschic has a voice that easily drifts from country to soul to folk and to rock. "Some Days" from his upcoming album Wrongdoer, wonderfully displays this range with a combo of smokey guitar licks and smooth vocals.

Joshua Ray Walker - "Working Girl"

As a member of the Ottoman Turks, one of the best twangy rock bands in Dallas, Joshua Ray Walker has been around for a while now, but with his solo debut record set to be released in January, he's ready for his new role as leading man. "Working Girl" is his newly-released single from that upcoming record, and it only takes one spin of this jangly country gem to get excited about the rest of what's to come.

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