This Christmas present is pretty dope.

As confirmed by Twitter, rapper Snoop Dogg gave Texas country musician Willie Nelson a sweater that says "Smoke Weed Everyday," complete with a marijuana plant adorned in Christmas lights. 

(Maybe we just need to chillax a little, but the shirt should say Every Day, not Everyday. Anyway.)

Willie Nelson played his usual buffet of classics and covers at intimate Dallas show, but fans ate it up

Snoop and Nelson have worked together on the funny ditty "Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die," which was released on tokers' favorite holiday, 420, in 2012. It's not Nelson's only song in the key of weed, of course.

Nelson posted the photo on the same day that he performed a small-for-him, highly anticipated concert in Dallas at the Granada Theater. Read more about Nelson's Dallas performance here.

The Red Headed Stranger will play in Dallas again on Jan. 4.

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