Erykah Badu

Erykah Badu


Updated at 3:17 p.m. June 25, 2016: Erykah Badu's lastest video was released today. It's a collaboration with her friend and fellow Grammy winner Robert Glasper. Glasper produced an album that reimagines classics from Miles Davis. Badu directed the video for "Maiysha (So Long.).

Previously: Erykah Badu has conceived and directed the video for "Maiysha (So Long)" that's coming out June 24.

The Dallasite worked with Grammy winner Robert Glasper on the almost new album, Everything's Beautiful. The album features "reimagined interpretations" of the music of Miles Davis; it was released in May in tribute to the iconic musician's 90th birthday. Glasper produced all the tracks; Badu wrote the lyrics for "Maiysha (So Long)." Performers featured on the album include Bilal, Ledisi and Stevie Wonder.

In the video, Badu brings forth alternate persona Sarah Bellum. She's a "neurotic, beatnik chanteuse" -- with a name like that, how could she not be? -- and Glasper is her keyboard player and lover.

This isn't Badu's first rodeo; she previously directed all of her own videos. She and the team at her company, Control Freaq Media, will also roll out bonus content and a series of art pieces, including the animated GIF above, in the next few days.

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