Selena Gomez goes monochrome in her newest video.

Selena Gomez goes monochrome in her newest video.

Screen grab from "Kill Em With Kindness" video

They say everyone looks good in black and white, and pop singer Selena Gomez is no exception.

Selena Gomez / Bahari / DNCE

The D-FW-raised diva debuted a new, monochromatic video for single "Kill Em With Kindness" Monday that sees Gomez sporting a variety of slinky silk outfits. There's one difference in this video, however, when compared to, say, "Good For You" or "Hands to Myself" -- Gomez looks exceptionally somber, like on the verge of tears until some badass dancers pop into the frame and show off their sweet moves.

The track's lyrics may indicate why. Here's how the opening verse reads:

"The world can be a nasty place / You know it, I know it, yeah / We don't have to fall from grace / Put down the weapons you fight with."

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