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So, maybe you didn't make it out to AT&T Stadium last night to catch the concert that every local Beyhiver is buzzing about. It's OK. These things happen. 

We feel you. But, if you happened to be among the many in D-FW who've caught a case of FOMO this morning, social media can be the next best thing. Front-row fans were more than happy to oblige with incredible videos and stills. Here are some of the craziest fan costumes, sickest dance moves and slaying-est shots we've found so far.  Need more? Also check out our critic's moment-by-moment review

First, this forever: 

"No matter where I go, I rep Texas!" – Beyoncé #FORMATIONWorldTour #TexasBama4Life

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Even Jerry Jones looks smitten. 

Do you think he ever figured out how to pronounce her name? 

Beyoncé x Jerry Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys. #FORMATIONWorldTour

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Staying hydrated ... maybe she's human after all?

DALLAS🔥 #am4ndy620 #amandyfernandez #amandyf #teamamandy #fwt #formationworldtour

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Fans came decked out in their own flawless creations. 

First, Sam Lao teased us before the show even started: 

She did not disappoint:

Then, when life gave this guy an opportunity to wear a lemon costume...

And, these friends came to slay a 23rd birthday. 

This mom made shirts for her whole dang family...

Cassandra Jones told our reporter she made t-shirts for everyone in her family to wear about five minutes before she left home. She and her daughter Chailynn, 15, wore matching ones, and her husband Jason wore a gray one with these fighting words on front: "I'm looking for Becky with the good hair." Jones says she loved Lemonade so much "it's still on my DVR with a Do Not Erase." Scroll through to see the back design: 

But, you're here for the videos, right? 

Here's a glimpse of Beyoncé's glory from those who were front and center. 

#beyonce #formationworldtour

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Beyonce Spinning With The Texas Flag @ The Formation World Tour

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#beyonce #formationworldtour

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She paid tribute to the Purple One. 

Even the higher seats had a good view.

Some parting shots... #boybye

slayage #Beyoncé #Beyonce #FWT #FormationTour #FormationWorldTour @Beyonce

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Tell 'em boy bye 👋🏼💁🏿 #beyonce #queenb #formationworldtour @eherge16 @heathersarkees

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