The last seven days have been packed with highlights for Demi Lovato, the 23-year-old pop star who grew up in Colleyville. Lovato has put her golden voice to work in an epic run that took her from the Tonight Show desk to a snowy Utah mountaintop to a stage in front of President Barack Obama at the White House (along with fellow North Texas musical breakout Leon Bridges). Scroll all the way down to see the White House concert in full, but first, let's take you through Lovato's big week.

On Friday Lovato appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and had the host freaking out over her vocal chops. First she talked about her first public performance, an elementary school Celine Dion cover gone totally wrong. In this story, she goes so far as to name her kindergarten crush. Bet he's kicking himself now:

But the greatest moment of Lovato's Fallon appearance came when she and the host engaged in the popular "Wheel of Musical Impressions" bit. You'll laugh at Lovato's impression of Fetty Wap (doing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"), and you'll see Fallon's amazement when she nails several Christina Aguilera vocal runs:

Now for something a bit more serious, Lovato on Sunday shared her brand new music video for the stunning pop-soul ballad, "Stone Cold." Speaking of vocal runs, if you're a sucker for them, this song will give you the chills. So will the footage of Lovato singing atop a snowy Utah mountain. She said on Twitter that it's her "favorite song on the album and the most emotional video I've ever shot.":

Lovato's biggest pinch-me moment of late came last night, though, when she joined Fort Worth's Leon Bridges and many other powerful performers at the White House in performing for President Barack Obama, Michelle Obama and a room full of Washington's elite. They were all there to honor the legacy of the late Ray Charles. Lovato had the President feeling the spirit with her rendition of "You Don't Know Me":

She also joined a few of the other female vocal powerhouses at the event for a group rendition of "Heaven Help Us All." Here's a snippet from the live stream:

The affair ended with everyone on stage, including the President, singing "What'd I Say."

You can see Lovato, Bridges and more at the "In Performance at the White House" concert for Ray Charles when it airs on PBS stations (including KERA) Friday, February 26, at 8 p.m. Or, you can watch the full show below:

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