A screenshot from Penatonix's "Can't Sleep Love" video. Watch below. 

A screenshot from Penatonix's "Can't Sleep Love" video. Watch below. 

This morning our locally tied a capella superstars in Pentatonix released the first original song off their upcoming self-titled album. Overall, "Can't Sleep Love" is Take-6 smooth with a touch of Shai pop repetitiveness. The hook, uh, hooks, the harmonies produce a pleasant sigh and the visual trickery in the accompanying music video impresses. 

But there's one thing I'm having a lot of trouble with, and it threatens to ruin the whole song for me. Let's see if you can identify what I'm talkin' about:

You guessed it, right? The little "yeah" and "uh huh" that dot the lyrical lines throughout? I noticed them the other night when the group performed the new single live at Gexa Energy Pavilion. They stand out even more in the recorded version. 

A plea to Pentatonix: Even if the "uh huh" has to stay, kindly kill that "yeah" dead. Replace it with a bicycle bell, a grunt from the bass dude, anything. Or ignore me and continue to succeed in life. Either way. 

Below you'll find the tracklist for the new Pentatonix album coming out Oct. 16. I'm looking forward to hearing more new tunes, and hopefully they'll contain none of that unnecessary yeah-age. 

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