It's been said that Gorilla vs. Bear founder Chris Cantalini knows how to throw a party. After all, he' been doing it for five straight years at Granada Theater under the (appropriate) title Gorilla vs. Bear Fest. 

The fifth edition once again invaded one of Dallas' most iconic venues to the tune of indie music all-stars Jamie xx, Lower Dens, Tei Shi, Yumi Zouma and Prince Innocence. And for another year, North Texas' own DJ Sober held down the party in between sets. (This, for the record, I believe should happen at more shows. Who needs a smoke break when you have beats, ammiright?)

If you weren't able to snag tickets before they sold out, you missed one heck of a time. But thanks to the internets, you can relive the experience via Instagram photos and videos. Here are some of the highlights. #nomofomo

DJ/producer Jamie xx proved he appreciates the simpler things in life, like disco balls. Probably because this is what happens when you hit 'em with light.

🙌🏼 another night another dream #gvsb5

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#InColour #jamiexx #granadatheater #GvsB5

A photo posted by Krishnan Lal Mistry (@naanmystery) on

🎶I feel music in your eyes🎶 @jamie___xx @sxmaltnation @gorillavsbear #music #loudplaces #jamiexx #GvsB5

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So pretty!

BAM. #jamiexx #gvsb5 #granadatheater

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This is what spotlights on a disco ball look like in slow motion.

@jamie___xx was phenomenal tonight! #goodtimes #gvsbv #granadatheater #gvsb5 #incolour

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Arlington shout out: Lower Dens' front woman Jana Hunter showed some love for her hometown during the band's set. (They're currently based in Baltimore.)

I only want to dance with you #lowerdens #GvsB5 #granadatheater #coffeedadconcerts

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Did I mentioned Lower Dens killed? They killed it.

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Lower Dens are p great u guys. #gvsb5

A video posted by Mark (@themark23) on

whoa @lowerdens. Jana is on 🔥 @granadatheater #GvsB5

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Singer Tei Shi earned vocal performance of the night. That woman's range and control is out of this world y'all.

Tei Shi 💕 #gvsb5

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Tei shi! #granadatheater #teishi #gvsb5

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Tei Shi are live and on point here at #GvsB5 !! #deepdallas #dallasmusic #teishi @gorillavsbear

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Yumi Zouma charmed the pants of the audience with synth chill wave vibes.

@yumizouma are making the crowd here at #GvsB5 dance!!#deepdallas #dallasmusic @gorillavsbear

A video posted by Dallas Music (@deepdallas) on

Hello @yumizouma 🙋#gvsb5

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This is Prince Innocence. They have a new album coming out soon.

Prince Innocence getting it started 😍😍#gvsb5

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#PrinceInnocence kicking off #GvsBV at Granada...come out and jam with us!! #GvsB5

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Let's just say Gorilla vs. Bear Fest was a stellar dance party and all around good time.

me and friends and a George Strait shirt #gvsb5

A photo posted by eric (@ericmzzz) on

Goooood tiiiiimes #GvsB5

A photo posted by Daniel C. (@danny_box) on

Disco ball selfie. #gvsb5 #jamieXX

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#gvsb5 😍😍

A photo posted by Hajar Ksikes (@hksikes) on

Lost 20 pounds on the dance floor. Jamie xx killed it. #gvsb5 #incolour #imdead

A photo posted by Natasha Porizkova (@natasha.paige) on

All the fun could not be contained in one photo. #GvsB5. 🙌

A photo posted by Jessica Martinez (@melon_sugar) on

Prince innocence last night at #gvbv #WHOOSH #miniwhoosh #whooshbag #gvsb5 #utd @T_A_L_V_I

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@jamie___xx ridiculous #GvsB5

A photo posted by @gorillavsbear on

#grandatheater #dallas #tinnitus2015 #gorillavsbear #gvsb5

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Last night's Jamie xx set at @granadatheater encapsulated in a photo. Fabulous evening. #GvsB5

A photo posted by Paige Weaver (@moxiemarmalade) on

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